The Scams

we have been seeing a disturbing trend in the last few weeks. 

Scam after scam tumbling out. 

First it was the bank scams and now the Staff Selection Exam [SSC] scam. The students protesting in the streets for over a week. 

The reports that the Govt. is thinking of taking want to take Privatization route to tackle defaulters in the banks?

Is it the answer to scams in the banks?

Why is the Govt, is not publishing the list of willful defaulters in the banks. What is stopping them from doing so?

Privatized or Nationalised the scams will stop only if the following steps could be implemented.
·        Accountability
·        Interference or recommendations of political leaders.
·        Declaring the defaulters list and not hide them behind the NPA’s. 

Stringent actions should be there for all the concerned. All the involved bank staff should be summarily suspended for a period of time or should be dismissed without all the benefits.

If any politician found to be involved in recommending they should permanently be barred for the life from contesting election or holding any posts.

It is because of non – accountability, we see so many scams and tax payers hard earned money being squandered with impunity.

Political influence or the interference should completely be banned in all the levels and in all the fields. Any one contesting election should be made to sign a declaration that they can be barred forever from the political field including all family members.

We find reports of politicians influencing a seat allotment in educational institutions, recommending a loan from the banks or using their influence to secure a job in public sectors. All these should completely be stopped.

But will this / can this be a reality?

Will the political parties dare to implement these changes? 

Privatization is not the answer to scams. Until such time that accountability being brought in and political interference is stopped, the scams will continue and the common will continue to bear the burdens of Nirav Modi’s.

It is because of NPA's  – 

Non Performing Administration and 

NPA like Non Performing Auditors, 

we find NPA’s that is Non Performing Allover. 

Will the Govt. take the necessary steps to protect the common men's interest?


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