Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Why Internet Marketing Is Important

Why digital marketing is important for your business?

When it comes to the success of your business, internet marketing plays a key role. To market yourself and to promote your products and services, you need the support of internet marketing. If you are planning to start a business or you are on your way and want to improve your business you can hire an online marketing agency which takes care of all activities from designing the website for your business to implementing various marketing techniques including Internet marketing. Internet marketing will help you in improving your business brand visibility, traffic and sales.

Below are the top 5 reasons why internet marketing is important for your business.

To increase the visibility of your business
These days everything can be done online from buying movie tickets to buying furniture for home. Internet has brought tremendous changes in our life style. Every business should recognise this and establish their presence on the internet. Internet marketing is beneficial for all the types of businesses. This will allow you to expand your visibility to larger population.

To connect with the customers
Social media marketing allows you to connect with your potential and returning customers. Update your customers with the new or latest features of your business. You can publicise the upcoming products or services and give a small description of these good and services to your customers. By doing this you can attract new customers in the future.

To cope up with the competition
These days’ people are able to access and purchase a wide range of goods from online with the help of internet. It is very crucial for any business to maintain the competition against the small, local and large online retailers and businesses. This is possible only when the businesses make proper use of the internet marketing platform.

It is good for research and development
You can research good keywords which suits your business. You can make use of these keywords in your business to place your site on the top of the search engine results. Proper keyword usage allows you to drive potential traffic to your site. this is the best way to win new customers.

To Legitimate yourself
By establishing and maintaining the presence online, business can show their customers that their business is active, dynamic and working to improve and is trying to grow. The Internet allows local businesses to legitimate themselves as successful companies. By this they will be able to win and retain a large customer base. These days smartphones have become popular so, consider a simple application design which helps to download and keep the business at the forefront of the minds of people.


Online marketing strategies vary based on the type of business and ultimate goal, however, one thing is for certain: Internet marketing is now a necessity.
No matter your business type or size, it helps you connect with relevant customers for less. You don’t need to be an expert to get started. Begin with understanding what Internet marketing is and how your business can participate.
Once you have the right online marketing strategy, your company will thrive in no time.

Monday, 27 January 2020

We Have The Know How

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that’s used to describe various forms of marketing that are done online.

Every business has a target to achieve and when you advertise your business online, you need to first decide the ad campaign’s objective that aligns with your business goals. 
In other words, the outcome of your campaign should help in achieving your business’s goal or target.

Shift from Traditional Media to 
Digital Media

When it comes to performance advertising, digital media has evolved as a powerful platform. The rapid growth of internet-enabled businesses such as e-commerce, digital payments, etc. has also caused a shift of ad expense towards digital ad platforms. 

Today’s Internet marketing, or online marketing is rapidly evolving. Gone are the days when advertising was limited to just print, newspaper and television ads. From social media to Google Ads, new, innovative and inexpensive marketing methods are now readily available to companies, as well as small to medium business owners.

With the right online marketing strategies, small and medium businesses are finding new ways to compete against the big companies.

Internet marketing refers to any form of advertising or marketing on the web. It’s an all-inclusive term for promotions shared via emails, social media posts, paid advertisements displayed on search engines, etc. As users get younger, companies have shifted their marketing strategies to the Internet, where they can reach a larger, more relevant audience at lower cost to traditional advertising options.

With the right online marketing strategies, small and medium businesses are finding new ways to compete against the big companies. Even with a limited budget, companies are able to get creative and effectively reach customers at each stage of the buying cycle. Be it when a consumer is searching on Google while considering a purchase or at the final stage before checkout, they will see your brand at every step of the way.

In order to make the most of your advertising budget, you first need to lay out your strategy. Set realistic goals and start small. Once you’ve tested your strategies to find what works and what doesn’t, expand to include more types of online marketing strategies.

Online marketing strategies vary based on the type of business and ultimate goal, however, one thing is for certain: Internet marketing is now a necessity.

No matter your business type or size, it helps you connect with relevant customers for less. You don’t need to be an expert to get started. Begin with understanding what Internet marketing is and how your business can participate.

Once you have the right online marketing strategy, your company will thrive in no time.

In Summary ......
The fact is that offline marketing is nowhere near as effective as it once was, which is why digital marketing has become such a popular option for many brands.

Effective marketing is about connecting with your audience at the right time and place – today that is online.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

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Saturday, 23 September 2017

How Best To Stay Healthy Naturally

In today’s world, seldom do any health and fitness plans work. What’s the reason for their alarming rate of failure?

The world is a lot less healthful than it was two decades ago. Much of this can be attributed to the altered foods & conventional farming, the eating habits of individuals and the changed lifestyle patterns.

What the world needs nowadays isn’t a fresh health or fitness program or a diet, but it requires right eating habits.

If we can do that, most of the health issues that are related to life-style situations will get to be outmoded.

Our health is an indicator of what we consume. 

The sorry condition that we're living in isn't an individual problem; it's a global issue. The world as a whole is eating incorrectly.

And what do we have to do?


I. Control what we consume.
II. Indulge in physical exertion.

By eating correctly, you likewise make certain that your metabolic functions - most notably your immune system and your gastrointestinal system - keep working correctly.


A balanced diet is one which provides all the nutrients in required amounts and proper proportions. It can easily be achieved through a blend of the four basic food groups.

1. Cereals, Millets and Pulses
2. Vegetables and fruits
3. Milk and milk products, egg, meat and fish
4. Oils & fats and nuts & oil seeds


·        50-60% of total calories from carbohydrates:      
·        10-15% from proteins:                                          
·        20-30% from both visible and invisible fat.           

The quantities of foods needed to meet the nutrient requirements vary with age, gender, physiological status and physical activity.


• You save a huge bundle on all the healthcare expenses
• Less Toxins in Your Body as lot of foods nowadays are toxic because of the synthetic chemicals present in them.
• More Physical Lifestyle - When you eat better, you'll find that you are able to do your work in a much better way.

Try eating a medium-sized meal for breakfast, a big meal for lunch, and a little meal for dinner. Better yet, attempt consuming 4-6 small meals over the run of your day.

It will satisfy you with fewer calories and will forestall overeating and obesity with all its consequences.

It makes you feel more awake and energized, does wonders for your skin and makes you feel fuller so you wind up eating less! Cutting down soda and replacing it with water will do wonders for you.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Best Ways To Lose Weight

Crash Dieting Is Not Option.


Everyone dreads these – being overweight and belly fat.
It happens to everyone irrespective sex or age. It can, also be a problem for children and teens too.
It’s a universal issue.
It is a very common occurrence, affecting more than 10 million people every year.
Rushing off to crash diet to lose weight is not the best option, instead it may lead to low energy levels, and poor health. These can dramatically impair your ability to fight off disease, infection, perform work or even conduct your affairs safely.

Before we consider on how best to lose weight, we have to understand why do gain weight in the first place, even though we seem to be eating well. 

  • NUTRITION: Good nutrition can help prevent disease and promote health and helps your body to create new cells, clean toxins, and to just function every day. There are six categories of nutrients that the body needs to acquire from food: protein, carbohydrates, fat, fibers, vitamins and minerals, and water.
  • CALORIES: calories are unit of measurement of energy produced by the food that you consume every day and used by the human body to maintain daily health and life. Calories are associated with energy that is contained in protein, carbohydrates and fat. Calorie requirement depends on your age, height, weight, activity and metabolic rate. A normal human needs between 1500 – 1800 calories per day to maintain a healthy life.
  •  METABOLISM: Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy which your body needs to function. 

The simple and main reason is we are not burning off enough energy (calories) and let it accumulate in our body and these excess calories are converted into fat and bingo you start putting on weight.

HOW DO WE GAIN THOSE EXTRA CALORIES? The main culprit being –
Our un-healthy lifestyle and poor eating habits. Psychological factors like boredom, stress, sadness or anger which triggers excessive eating or binge eating. Having too little sleep, which affects the hormones that increases over eating. Sedentary lifestyle, with too little exercise or no exercise at all, who burn fewer calories than the required.

1. Eat a high-protein breakfast. ... Proper diet plans – eat more nutritious food containing more proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, and dietary fibres. Avoid foods with lots calories.
2. Eating habitseat 5 to 6 small meals instead of 2 OR 3. Consider eating 5-6 small meals a day instead of having 2 – 3 meals.
3. Avoid junk foods. Minimize the use of processed foods rich in salt, sugar and fats.
4. Physical activity – take to simple exercise like walking, cycling etc. It helps you burn calories.
5. Eat plenty of Green leafy vegetables. Dark leafy greens like spinach are important for skin and hair, bone health, and provide protein, iron, vitamins and minerals.
7. Eat a balanced diet: A balanced diet is one which provides all the nutrients in required amounts and proper proportions. Include Cereals, millets and pulses / Vegetables and fruits / Milk and milk products, egg, meat and fish / Oils & fats and nuts & oilseeds
8. Eat Protein rich food: Protein helps increase satiety, which is beneficial for weight loss.
9. Last but not the least learn to avoid stress. Stress leads to binge eating and lets you gain weight.

A balanced diet should provide around 50-60% of total calories from carbohydrates, preferably from complex carbohydrates, about 10-15% from proteins and 20-30% from both visible and invisible fat.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Cost-saving, to whose benefits?

When the govt says the family of 4 earning 4800 – 5000 a month are below poverty line (this itself is big joke), the Govt. has gone ahead and decided to scrap the public distribution system.

According to critics, the government has deliberately kept poverty line low. A low poverty line has enabled the government to show that millions have moved out of poverty. 

Once elected to power, still the next election comes in, the commoners have to bear with all their decisions and carry the burden.

The next victim:

In their enthusiasm to link Aadhar Card to all and sundry and to go cashless, haphazard systems are rolled out, with huge burden on the banking and government administration which are not given time to prepare.

Now the next victim is the Public Distribution System and the Govt’s decision to link all the beneficiaries to their Aadhar Card. 

Yes, the government will save significant money if the PDS is moved to cash transfers. The cost of procurement, storage, transportation and distribution currently incurred would have been done away with in one swift move.

But, the Independent evaluations suggest the amount transferred was insufficient to buy the grain individuals are entitled to (5 kg per person) from the open market, which meant that consumption of grains was either reduced or funds for other expenses were being moved to food.

The success or the failure depends on the implementing agencies and can it be guaranteed that only the needy will benefit from this move? Will there be no irregularities in the distribution to the beneficiaries?

A choice should be given to all users of the PDS, to see if they want to participate in the experiment and the option to opt-out should be given, whether they prefer the older system. It should be their preference whether they want to move to the new system or remain with the older system.

The Next In Line Are:

The systems which are going to be linked is your mobile numbers, unless you link your Aadhar card to your number, one fine morning you will find your number blocked.

The second is for getting a death certificate, unless you had a Aadhar card, your family might not able to get a death certificate. It is another mindless move. There should have been cut off like people born before certain years should have been exempted.

Going cashless and paperless is a good move but should be done in a systematic way and gradually. You cannot achieve anything overnight. 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

One Of Your Greatest Assets: Your Identity!

One Of Your Greatest Assets: Your Identity!

Have You Got Your Back Covered?

The 2017 Identity Fraud Study, found that $16 billion was stolen from 15.4 million U.S. consumers in 2016, compared with $15.3 billion and 13.1 million victims a year earlier.

Nearly 36.6 million data records were compromised in India last year, a 14 per cent rise as compared to 2015.

What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is the deliberate use of someone else's identity, usually as a method to gain a financial advantage or obtain credit and other benefits in the other person's name, and perhaps to the other person's disadvantage or loss. Thieves try to find such information as full name, maiden name, address, date of birth, social security number, passwords, phone number, e-mail, and credit card numbers & use them to obtain illegal financial gains.  

  • Social Security Identity Theft.
  • Financial Identity Theft.
  • Driver's License Identity Theft.
  • Criminal Identity Theft.
  • Medical Identity Theft.
  • Insurance Identity Theft.
  • Synthetic Identity Theft.
  • Tax Identity Theft.

  1. Stealing personal information from computers using breaches in browser security or malware such as Trojan horse keystroke logging programs or other forms of spyware
  2. Hacking computer networks, systems and databases to obtain personal data, often in large quantities.
  3. Exploiting breaches that result in the publication or more limited disclosure of personal information such as names, addresses, Social Security number or credit card numbers.

Consider these tips to help keep your personal information safe and secure and protect you from identity theft:

Create Strong Passwords and Update them frequently. ...
Be Aware of What You Share. ...
Keep Sensitive Personal and Financial Documents Secure. ...
Protect Your Mobile Device. ...
Check Your Credit Report.


1. Synthetic identity theft:
A variation of identity theft which has recently become more common is synthetic identity theft, in which identities are completely or partially fabricated. Synthetic identity theft is more difficult to track as it doesn't show on either person's credit report directly.

2. Financial identity theft:
The most common type is financial identity theft, where someone wants to gain economic benefits in someone else's name. This includes getting credits, loans, goods and services, claiming to be someone else.


1.ProtectMyID, an online identity theft protection service, a trusted credit-reporting company, though is not cheap though, as it costs $16 per month for regular monitoring.

2. LifeLock Ultimate Plus is the most comprehensive identity theft protection plan you can choose. This is a sweet $30 a month,

3. PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection Plan for ONE, TWO, or THREE FULL YEARS of coverage for their entire family, (Coverage for you and your immediate family (spouse or domestic partner) children at the same address up to age 25), including a Proactive Monitoring System that will alert you to potential issues before an ID theft occurs, a fully-managed Family Identity Recovery and 12-month post-monitoring service, and a "generous $25,000 Service Guarantee"...all for a one-time payment as low as $69!

Hope you got yourself covered. OR isn't it time to go safe? 

Why Internet Marketing Is Important

Why digital marketing is important for your business? When it comes to the success of your business, internet marketing plays a key r...