Sunday, 6 March 2016

Career Or Parenthood?

Work At Home Business Ideas For Mums  

                                                                                                   Career Or Parenthood?

Nowadays the Young parents are discovering the need to strengthen the family income, advance their careers and still be there to watch their children grow.
This important development has much to do with changing social norms and a growing realization that there is more than one possible model for extra family income, due to the on-line & other avenues which offers a flexibility and control than traditional industries.
So what are the types of work that are suitable for stay at home moms and dads? Especially the mums -
Obviously parents need to able to structure their work day around their children’s schedule, so the ultimate job will be the kind that allows for maximum freedom. In addition, parents should aspire for more than just a menial position that pays the bills and try to find work that will generate career opportunities.

                                  Here are some potential avenues that may work for you, if you are seriously, considering starting a home business :

Local Chef Services:
Most probably you are spending a lot of time in the kitchen anyway, so you may consider this. If you’re passionate about cooking and people tend to praise your dishes, you may want to consider opening a home-kitchen-based cooking service. You could either sell your food to local stores or at local markets, or you could offer an online meal plan service and deliver to a regular clientele.
Arts & Crafts Store:
Many new parents find themselves especially inspired to create and designs things that are baby-themed, or things that other parents might enjoy themselves. You can start setting up your online store or sell gift items which are always in demand – customisablegifts.
Parenting Coach:
Every young parent knows that no matter how satisfying, parenthood is never a smooth ride. As someone with plenty of recent experience and a good ear, you can offer struggling parents much needed assistance with things like constructing a healthy schedule, potty training, ideas for activities and other types of guidance that do not require the advice of a professional medical or pedagogic adviser.

Gardening classes :
Every one would like to optimise their space and start a small home garden within their premises. Here you can learn more about gardening for the beginers, herb gardening & bonsai gardening.
If you are an expert or have the knowhow about gardening, here is your go. Even if you are not an expert - "subscribe " to one which will give you an insight all about gardening, which you can use to impart to others & earn. 
Wishing You All Mums A Happy Parenthood & Stay At Home Career. 

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