My previous blog post was on " HOME BUSINESS IDEAS. "                                                          
  The next question is how to gain & retain customers in your - Home Business  

Gaining Customers Is More Than Just A Wish. It Involves A Lot Of Strategizing And Good Planning. Retaining Customers Involve The Same Level Of Commitment As Well. In The Highly Competitive World Of Business.

Lots Of Planning Goes Into Gaining & retaining Customers. But Follow This Simple Rules And You Are Sure To Hit Your Mark.  

Just Remember One Golden Rule – Gaining A Customer Takes A Lot Of Sweat But Losing A Customer Happens In Blink Of A Second.

Try Your Best To Win Your Customers' Trust. Take Care Of It. And For Sure, This Trust Would Fuel Good Business For You For Many Years To Come.   

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It Helps You To Take Your Product To The Buyer And Also Builds A Strong Brand Awareness In The Buyers Community. Keep Your Advertising Regular And Target Your Customers. This Depends Totally On Your Product Range & Services. Use Traditional As Well As On-Line Marketing.

Deals & Discounts:

 Offer Exclusive Deals & Discounts From Time
To Time To Entice New Set Of Buyers. Conduct Special sales / Winter Sales  Holiday sales - Any Thing To Offer A discount To Your Buyers. Once In, 
It All Depends On Your Service To Make Him Your Regular.

Sponsor Events Or Awards.

Sponsoring Smaller Scale Events And Awards In The Local Community Can Help Position You As A Locally-Liked Business And Brand And More Established .It Also Will Help You Build A Strong Brand Image In The Local Community.

                                 Social Media:

Use Social Media Sites To Build A Strong Brand Image For Your Product And May Gain Customers. Use Social Media Advertising With A Small Investment And Here You Can Geo Target Your Advertising. Use Face Book, Twitter And Other Local Media Sites.

Net Working:

Net-Working Can Play As A Strong Channel To Boost Your Channels. Use Your Friend Circles, Family Friends As A Base For Your net-working.

With Rising Customer Acquisition Costs, Customer Retention Plays A Very Important Role In Your Business Plans. You Need To Innovate And Assume A Proactive Role In Retaining Clients.

There Are Three Main Reasons For Losing A Customer:

  1. They Leave Because They Are Unhappy With The Service They Receive.
  2. They Leave Because They Are Unhappy With Your Product Or Service.
  3. They Leave Because They Decide To Use A Competitor.( Competitive Pricing Could Be A Prime Reason For This )

Clients Tend To Remember Negative Experiences.- Don't Give Them A Reason To.

If you believe success can be achieved through shortcuts, then the book “ No Excuses: The Power Of Self Discipline” is just for you. The path to success is usually long and difficult, in order to succeed you do not need to be wealthy, exceptionally skillful, or lucky, but all you need is the secret key of self - discipline. And the right ways to use it to open the doors of success.
No Excuses: The Powerof Self-Discipline   : by BrianTracy  (Author) 

How To Retain Your Customers:

Always Deliver Quality Goods Or Services.

There Is No Better Vehicle For Your Than Your Products Themselves, As This Will Brand You  As Enterprises Which Is Committed To Quality Products And Services. . Additionally, A Satisfied Customer Would Spread The Word About The Excellence Of Your Service To People Belonging To Their Network, Thus Building A Strong Brand Image And Gaining More Customer Base In The Long Run.

Build Relationships.

The Importance Of Building Good Relationships With Your Customers Cannot Be Undermined. Try And Humanize Your Approach So That Your Customers Can Relate To You More Than Just A Business Provider, But Also As A Friend.

Get Feed Back :

Be Sure To Get Regular Feed Back From The Customer And Solving The Issues As They Happen. Be Sure To Be In Their Radar Net Work.

Competitive Pricing:

Be Sure To Offer Your Product Or Service At A Competitive Price.  It Does’t Mean That You Have To Undercut Your Competitor But Do Not Plan To Be Rich In One Dealing.
I have just put in my own perception & which I in my business. The simple steps I have mentioned in my report are only some of the basic & most important part of any business strategy, which you could improve as you grow with some more advanced techniques.

Wishing you a HAPPY HUNTING .

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