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The Secret To Getting Traffic Is To Make Sure That Search Engines Like Google Find Your Blog And Place It High In Search Results. The Art To Cracking Search Engine’s Code Comes Down To SEO (Search Engine Optimization), And While It May Seem Like A Bit Intimidating, You Could Try These Some Simple Remedies To Improve Your Ranking..

If You Are Just About To Start A Blog Or Have Been Writing One For Some Time, Here Are Some Guidelines To Help Boosting Your Rank With The Search Engines.
Whether You Have A Personal Blog Or A Business Blog, You Want Traffic [ i.e  ] Readers – And Lots Of Them. 

Writing Contents:
Search Engines Give Preference Content That Are Fresh And Sites That Are Updated Regularly. So Need To Write As Often As You Can. Make Yourself A Goal That You Can Follow Easily. If You Know That Writing Once A Week Will Never Happen, Then Start With Once A Month. Better To Blog Monthly Then Never At All. When It Comes To Length, Try Write 300-700 Words In Each Blog – Or More, As Anything Below That May Be Overlooked By Search Engines.

Use Of Headings & Sub-Headings:
Use Headings And Subheadings In Your Posts Is As Important As Your Content, As Many Visitors Will Only Skim Your Post And Also It Is Important For Both Search Engines And For Your Readers.  The Headings Will Give Them A Good Idea Of What You Are Trying To Say. As For Search Engines, They Scan Your Posts And Take Note Of Larger Text To Understand What Your Website And Articles Are About. This Information Helps Them Place Your Blog In Relevant Searches.

Using Key Words In Your Posts:
Every Search On Search Engines Begins With A Keyword Phrase, Known As A Query. The Secret To Ranking Well Is To Associate Your Blog With The Keywords That Your Customers Are Looking For.

Linking Your Posts:
Blogs Are A Great Way To Bring Brand New Visitors To Your Website And Your Goal Is To Turn These Readers Into Customers. Internal Links Are A Great Way To Do Just That. Use Them To Move Readers From Your Blog Posts To The Heart Of Your Website.Include Links In Each Of Your Posts That Send Readers (In A Logical Way) To Other Pages On Your Site.

Tags And Categories:
After Completing Each New Post, Remember To Label It With Relevant Keyword Tags. Then, Place It Into Corresponding Categories Within Your Blog. Tags And Categories Help Readers Search Your Blog For Specific Articles And The Posts They Find The Most Interesting Or Relevant. As Far As Search Engines Are Concerned, Remember This Rule Of Thumb: Any Practice That Is Good For Your Users’ Experience, Is Also Good For Your SEO.

Comment Box:
Like Tags And Categories, Comment Widgets Are Also Beneficial For Engaging Your Users. When You Allow Users To Share Feedback And Ask Questions Right On Your Blog, You Can Initiate Conversations With Your Customers, Get To Know Their Needs And Respond To Their Inquiries.

If You Are Able To Generate Active Conversations On Your Blog Or On Social Media, Search Engines Will Take Note Of The Activity And Give Your Blog A Boost. 

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