Saturday, 27 August 2016

Meditate - Relieve Your Stress

Meditation is something that any one of you out there could practice at any stressful time in your lives and it will really help matters not seem so severe. There are many different books on the internet where you could learn more about meditation and start practicing it each day. This is important for you to do in order for you to feel better about your situation in life.  

Set aside the necessary time. If you think you can't find the time, think again. There are almost certainly times in your day when you can find 20 minutes or so. Cut out watching the news for starters - that will have the beneficial effect of keeping you away from negative influences as well. Find a comfortable chair if you're going to listen to your guided relaxation whilst sitting down. Or find a bed to lie down on if that's the position you'd prefer. 

Do some sort of meditation every day for a couple weeks and just see how much better you feel about things. It is going to really surprise you a lot.  

Read through many different magazines and books until you truly understand what meditation can do for you in your life, it is really going to improve every single aspect of it, there is no doubt about that. There are ways of feeling better through meditation but if you do not push yourself to do so then you are going to be one very unhappy person at the end of the day. 

Meditation can save your life in many ways because of the changes that it will make you feel each and every day that you step out of bed. Tell your friends about it and they too can benefit from practicing meditation every day that they wake up or before going to bed. This is something positive that you can do for yourself and for your mental well being for many years to come. 

Guided meditation is one of the best ways to start meditating. [ Listening to a soft music ]
They're simple to use, which if you're in need of relaxation is a helpful reason in itself.
Probably the hardest thing about using a relaxation meditation is actually making the time to listen to it.
That may sound odd, but we tend to place least priority on ourselves. We look after others, help others and generally do our best to help them to lead better lives.
Finding the time is far and away the most difficult part. And even that's easy when you set your mind to it.
Put on your headphones. If necessary, put a "do not disturb" sign on the door to your room.
Press play and let your mind wallow in the stress-free luxury of listening to a guided relaxation.
Finding the time is far and away the most difficult part. And even that's easy when you set your mind to it.Then switch the cell phone to silent. It's actually really simple to use a guided relaxation meditation to relax yourself.

Doing “ Pranayama “ is one more way of meditation, which is useful in many ways. Follow this simple steps.
Close your eyes. Focus your attention on your breathing.
First Step:
Close the right nostril with the right thumb.
Inhale slowly through the left nostril.
Exhale slowly and completely with the right nostril.
Second Step:
Close the left nostril with the right thumb.
Inhale slowly through the right nostril.
Exhale slowly and completely with the left nostril.
It’s preferable to practice Pranayam in the morning.
If you prefer to do Pranayam in the evening, do it on an empty stomach
Pranayam (also spelled Pranayama) is an ancient Indian practice concerned with controlling your breath. Research has shown that practicing Pranayama may be able to relieve symptoms of asthma. It may be beneficial in treating stress related disorders, such as anxiety and depression.
To your health

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