Life Is Beautiful - Don't Kill It.

You Don’t Need A New Year To Make A Resolution. 


Any Time Is As Good, To Get Rid Of This Habit.

Smoking Still Remains To Be The Primary Preventable Cause Of Many Fatalities All Over The World. But If You Are A Smoker, You Know That Kicking This Habit Is Easier Said Than Done. You Can Put The Blame Of Nicotine, Which Is A Highly Addictive Tobacco Component That Can Lead To Emotional Dependency And Physical Withdrawal.

Before Anything Else, You Need To Deal With Your Addiction As Well As The Habits That Go With This. Start With Creating A Realistic Plan That Will Help You Get Through This Particular Challenge.

Create A Support Group

Things Will Be Difficult For The First Several Weeks Since You Will Need To Deal With Withdrawal Symptoms. You Can Enlist The Assistance Of Your Family, Friends As Well As Coworkers. These People Can Be The Best Source Of Encouragement And Strength During This Challenging Time. Also, You Can Join A Support Group.

Eliminate The Temptations

You Have To Determine The Things Which Trigger You To Smoke. Avoid Situations That Might Make You Grab A Cigarette And Lessen The Time That You Spend Hanging Out With People Who Also Smoke. Clear Your Surroundings Of Cigarettes As Well As Other Smoking Paraphernalia And Tools.

Be Active

Physical Activities Will Help For You To Stay Busy Each Time You Get The Urge Of Smoking A Cigarette. Visit The Gym Or Take A Stroll In The Park When You Have A Lot Of Free Time. 

Never Give Up

Just Like The Rest Of Addictions, It Is Never Easy To Quit Smoking. Perseverance Is Needed And You Have To Stop Looking For Excuses To Get Your Hands On A Cigarette Again. Although There Might Be Relapses, Take This As A Chance For Making Your Commitment Stronger And Try Much Harder.  

Learn From Past Attempts

As The Old Saying Goes, Experience Is Always The Best Teacher. If You Find Cigarette Smoking As Simply Irresistible, Think Of Your Previous Attempts To Quit And You Will Surely Be Urged To Be Pushed Harder Than Before.

No One Said That Quitting Is Easy

It Can Be A Very Challenging To Quit Smoking, A Lot Of People Even Try Making Multiple Attempts And It Is Primarily Because Nicotine Is One Drug That Can Be Highly Addictive And Difficult To Resist. However, You Should Never Give Up Trying Only Because You Failed To Succeed In The Past. 
Remember Your Previous Attempts To Stop – What Worked And What Did Not. In Case A Single Method Did Not Work, Never Hesitate Trying A Different Method. It Is Very Possible For You Learn Something New Each Time You Try. For All You Know, This Might Already Be The Perfect Time That You Will Be Quitting For Good!

Understand Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine Addiction Should Not Be Taken For Granted. Nicotine Can Cause Harmful Effects To Your Body So It Is Important That You Curb Your Addiction To This Substance At The Soonest Time Possible.

Make A Commitment To Yourself And Others

Full Commitment Is The Most Important Thing That You Need To Have In Order To Successfully Get Rid Of Your Smoking Habit. This Commitment Must Be Both For Yourself And Those People Around You.

Positive Words For A Positive Outcome

I Love Myself And My Family More Than I Love Smoking. 

I Choose Life Over Death. 

I Am Now Breathing Better Than Ever.  
Another Way To Get Through Is Meditation These Two Forms, You Can Practice And See The Difference For Your Self.

Guided Meditation [ Listening To A Soft Music ] And Doing Pranayama –

Wishing You A Healthy Life

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