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One of the biggest problems most network marketers have is generating leads. Let’s face it! We all have to find our own way of generating leads. That’s why so many marketers are constantly looking for lead generation ideas. 
It is the reason, that I thought of reprinting this lead generation tip,using face book.

This a reprint of an exceptional on-line marketer – Theresa Lovelace, who is inspiring, motivating and coaching, business builders to achieve their goals.


Facebook graph search is a way to get targeted leads for your product/service or opportunity. When doing the search, you want to use a set of criteria that will yield the best results. For example, people who like/live, women who like/live or men who like/live. Let’s say you want to get a list of people who like a top earner, Ray Higdon, for example. 


Here’s the process:  You can do a search for people who like Ray Higdon by typing his name in the Facebook field. What will come up will be a list of people who like Ray Higdon and as you scroll down the page, you’ll notice that some of the results may include people you are already friends with. (If you add “and are not my friends”, the search results will not include your friends) The others are the leads you may want to focus on. And so begins the search!
You can do this for people who live in a particular geographic area as well. For example, people who like network marketing and live in Mumbai, India. You may search for any location that you want.

You can look at the profiles of people, paying attention to those who resonate with you and start to build relationships. How? See what they’re into and up to. Go over some of their posts. Comment on them and like some as well. Go into their photos to get a look at their lifestyle, things they’ve done, places they’ve been. Afterwards, you can follow them. People get notifications when they are being followed as well as comments, likes and shares on their page and of course, that creates curiosity in them to now check you out.

To Quote The Author Of This Content:

“Personally, I like to send a private message, introducing myself and maybe commenting on their profile. Maybe there’s something you both have in common and that’s a great conversation starter! From there, you can move forward into building a real friendship. You can have actual conversations about what they do, family, where they live, what they do for entertainment, etc. More times than not, they will send you a friend request”.

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