Woof ! Would U Be My Valentine ?

Make Them All Feel Special, This Valentine’s Day 

Your Love Is Not Just For One – It Is Special Because Every Moment With Them Is Special, Because You Care About Their Passion.

It’s that time of the year again where love letters and gifts are exchanged, where partnerships are celebrated and rightly so!

But, given that the day is all about love, this year, I’ve looked at all the relationships and people that make them, those who give us love in abundance, those that make us stronger and stand by us come rain or shine. This year, it is time to expand the meaning of Valentine’s Day and creating a potluck of celebration.

Let them know that even with your meetings, workload and many friends, 

Before you went out in the world finding your set of people and forging lifelong bonds, your parents were the ones quietly moulding you into the kind of person that your friends now love. They’ve corrected you when you’ve made mistakes, rejoiced at your promotion and cried with you when you had your heart broken. So, this Valentine’s Day, say ‘Thank you’ with a small gesture. 

Probably your worst enemy but also your best friend.

They’ll fight with you, steal your share of candy, wear your clothes without so permission, and take up your FIFA time – they really can be the worst! But they’re also the only ones who made growing up adventurous and full of anecdotes and you miss them dearly when they are away. So, use the day to celebrate the relationship you share with your sibling by watching a movie you both enjoy or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

And since it is the day of love, the partner deserves a special day.

No matter how long you’ve known your partner for take the day to celebrate everything you’ve achieved together,

 all the love you’ve received and all the times he or she has stood by you. 

Celebrate your partnership in all the ways that you can.

OR choose from a variety of gifts, a wide range from 99 – 499 to shower your affection on those you love most. 

Happy Valentine Day -

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